Twin Eagles Internal Blower

Blower CFM

The TEVI-060I Internal Blower, 600 CFM and TEVI-120I Internal Blower, 1200 CFM   by Twin Eagles provides a high performance fan system for use with a Twin Eagles vent hood. The 600 Cubic Feet and 1200 Cubic Feet per Minute fan moves a large volume of air through to provide quality ventilation when used with Twin Eagles' vent hood. 


  • 600 CFM (TEVI-060I)- Circulates up to 600 Cubic Feet per Minute for quality ventilation
  • 1200 CFM (TEVI-120I)- Circulates up to 1200 Cubic Feet per Minute for high quality ventilation
  • Internal Blower - Unit is used internally in vent hood

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