ThermoWorks IR-IND Infrared Thermometer


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  • The IR-GUN-S non-contact infrared thermometer is your best deal in a basic infrared temperature gun. The IR-GUN-S Infrared Thermometer is designed for broad general purpose use in research, industrial applications, HVAC, construction, repair or maintenance services, and even around the house if you're technically inclined.

    Use this versatile IR thermal sensor to read surface temperatures from a distance - instantly. The IR-GUN-S has a quality lens and machined baffles to ensure accuracy with a 12:1 distance-to-target spot ratio. At 12" you can measure a 1" spot diameter. And, the thermometer gun's bright pointing laser helps you aim.

    • High quality 12:1 optics

    • Bright laser pointer

    • Point and Shoot simplicity

    • Max temp and hold features

    • Easily switch from °C to °F

    • Backlit display

    • Adjustable emissivity

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