Summerset AMG Freestanding Deluxe Grill Cover



The CARTCOV-AMG Freestanding Vinyl Grill Cover, by American Muscle Grill provides a high end vinyl cover for your American Muscle Grill freestanding grill. The high quality durable vinyl is designed with crack resistant, 2-ply vinyl material to provide UV protection and guard against the elements, while the smooth polyester-lined interior ensures the beautiful stainless steel finish of your grill will remain unscuffed. Give your grill the protection it needs with help from Summerset

  • Durable Vinyl - Heavyweight 2-ply vinyl construction ensures strong protection
  • Polyester Interior - Smooth polyester lined interior prevents scuffing on your grill
  • Built-In Model - Designed to perfectly fit 36" freestanding American Muscle Grilll
  • Built-In Model - Designed to perfectly fit 54" freestanding American Muscle Grilll

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