Summerset 42" ALT Built-In Grill

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  • The ALT42 Alturi Series Built-In Gas Grill, 42-Inch by Summerset combines superior quality and high end performance to provide a terrific option to complete your outdoor kitchen. The grill features a solid 304 stainless steel construction to ensure durability and longevity while each of the (3) heavy duty (or stainless steel U-Tube burners, rated at 20,000 BTU) to provide ultra high heat to the unique captured briquette trays. The captured briquette trays provide even radiant heat across the 1100in² cooking surface and eliminate hot and cold zones as the 9mm thick stainless steel grates offer a thick gauge grilling surface for professional style grill marks.

    The 42" Alturi also features a unique Flame Thrower Ignition that shoots a burst of flame to ignite the main burners and is much more reliable than traditional spark ignition systems. The double lined, spring assisted hood keeps hot air in to ensure a consistent grilling environment complete with a built in 3" temperature gauge and interior halogen lighting with LED front panel lighting. In addition, the 15,000 BTU infrared back burner offers a high quality rotisserie burner for professional style rotisserie cooking and includes a storage bracket for the rotisserie spit when not in use. Exclusive to the Alturi Series, the dedicated 7,000 BTU smoker burner works in tandem with a smoker drawer to allow the use of your favorite wood chips to enhance the smoky flavor of your food. Available for both propane and natural gas this built in grill is perfect to complete your outdoor kitchen.

    • Stainless Steel Construction - Complete #304 stainless steel construction for a quality construction

    • Captured Briquette Trays - Unique ceramic briquettes sit above the burner to provide radiant heat and eliminate hot/cold zones across the 855in² cooking surface

    • Cast Red Brass Burners - (3) heavy duty cast red brass burners are rated at a massive 26,000 BTU each

    • Heavy Duty 9mm Cooking Grates - 9mm thick stainless steel cooking grates provide superior heat retention and durability

    • Double Lined Hood - Thick, double-lined stainless steel hood ensures consistent cooking environment

    • Analog Temperature Gauge - Built in 3" temperature gauge embedded into the hood's exterior monitors your grilling temperature

    • Flame Thrower Ignition - Unique technology shoots a burst of flame to light the tube burners more reliably than traditional spark ignitions

    • Built In Lighting - Interior halogen lights shine on the cooking surface while the LED front panel lighting adds aesthetic appeal

    • Heat Zone Separators - Integrated heat zone separators allow independent zone cooking by keeping the heat from each burner confined to its own area

    • Smoker Burner - Independent 7,000 BTU smoker burner with pull out drawer for use with favorite wood chips for distinct BBQ flavor

    • Fuel Type - Choose either Propane or Natural Gas to suit your application

    • Burner Type - Choose between the stainless steel U-Tube burners or the deluxe Cast Brass Burners

    • Fuel Type - Choose either Propane or Natural Gas to suit your application

    • Cutout Dimensions - 40.5" x 10.1875" x 23.0625" (W x H x D)

    • Grilling Surface BTU - (3) 26,000 BTU cast red brass burners

    • Grilling Area - 1100in² primary cooking surface

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