Saber 3-Burner Cast Black Cart Grill (LP)

by Saber
SKU R50CC0617


  • The SABER® Cast Black 3-Burner Gas Grill features a stylish design and a premium grilling experience with a generous cooking space featuring zonal cooking. This grill features a sleek, powder-coated finish and a lid with die cast aluminum end caps. Enjoy consistent grilling results from SABER's patented cooking technology that ensures even heat at every temperature while eliminating flare-ups.

    • SABER's patented grilling system heats evenly, eliminates flare-ups and uses 30% less propane

    • Reliable electronic ignition at each burner for an easy start every time

    • Die cast aluminum end caps provide strength and durability

    • Fully enclosed powder-coated cart with double doors for convenient storage

    • Multi-position enamel warming rack adds cooking versatility

    • Easily convert from liquid propane to natural gas with the SABER® EZ Natural Gas Conversion Kit (sold separately)

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