Saber EZ LP Conversion Kit (2017)

by Saber
SKU A00AA5517


  • SABER built-in grills and built-in side burners come equipped for natural gas, but with the SABER EZ Liquid Propane Conversion Kit, you can easily convert a SABER built-in grill and/or burners to liquid propane. This conversion kit will convert any natural gas grill with a model number ending in "17" or higher.

    • Easily, quickly and safely convert your SABER built-in grill from natural gas to liquid propane

    • Fits models ending in "17" or higher

    • Includes: liquid propane gas regulator and hose, tank retention hook, liquid propane orifices and orifice tool

    • Works with these products: R50SB0417 , R50SB1517 , R67SB0317 , R67SB1017

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