Ronda 16" Water Resistant Double Access Drawer

by Ronda


  • The RONDA INSULATED DOUBLE DRAWERS - ONE SINGLE FRONT is a new accent piece for your outdoor kitchen and entertaining area. These INSULATED DRAWERS have a watertight inside box that is totally enclosed, along with a front side that is insulated as well. This allows you to keep soft drinks or wine cold without having to clean up the mess that melting ice can create. These heavy duty STAINLESS STEEL drawers have a SINGLE FRONT DOOR, giving them the appearance of only one drawer. The stainless steel material gives this storage area a modern and finished look that no cooler can provide.

    Built with 304 stainless steel and FULL LENGTH TRACKS, the drawers are easy to open and close regardless of how much they are holding. The insulated drawers are also featured with a magnetic gasket, providing HERMETIC CLOSURE,. When you have your doubts that the drawer closed all the way and your drinks are getting warm, you can be at ease!

    • 304 Stainless steel construction

    • Insulated boxes and front single side

    • Watertight inside boxes

    • Full length tracks and hermetic closure

    • Specifications:
    • Material:Stainless Steel
    • Depth:22 3/4"
    • Height:25 3/4"
    • Width/Diameter:16 1/4"
    • Cut-Out Width:15"
    • Cut-Out Depth:22 3/4"
    • Cut-Out Height:24 1/2"
    • Number of Drawers:2 Drawers
    • Item Weight:66 lbs.

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