Perlick 15" Stainless Steel Refrigerator w/ Stainless Steel Drawers

by Perlick
SKU HP15RO-3-5
  • Perlick 15" Signature Series Outdoor Refrigerator Drawers

    Perlick offers a lot of options to best suit your bar, party center; wherever outside you'd like to place this great-functioning refrigerator. The drawers' finish can be stainless steel, or go for the panel-ready option so you can customize the look of the fridge. Inside the fridge is 2.8 cubic feet of room to place your foods and beverages. Temperature control is easy and straight-forward with Perlick's Signature Series digital control panel.


    About Perlick


    In 1917, Perlick was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was originally called R. Perlick Brass Works. The company's mission was to be recognized by its peers as a responsible and dependable manufacturer of brass goods. Soon Perlick was regularly supplying brass fittings for breweries which included keg fittings and ice-cooled cooler boxes. Perlick develop itself parallel to technology, and in 1940, they developed a tech-savvy refrigeration department of under its name, becoming a top manufacturer of professional bar and beverage equipment.

    Today, Perlick's products are ubiquitous in many fine restaurants, bars, hotels, stadiums and resorts. With that commercial experience, their goods have expanded to residential ware, providing quality and proper care of a family's refrigerator, freezer and ice making needs. But always remembering their start, they continue to provide the best in any type of refrigeration, commercial and now residential.

    • 2.8 cubic feet of capacity

    • Zero-clearance hinging allows for abutment with surrounding cabinetry

    • Best in Class 525 BTU commercial-grade compressor

    • Front-vented, RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system

    • Commercial-grade stainless steel interior and exterior

    • Industry exclusive convertible door design allows all doors the ability to be converted to wood overlay from stainless steel

    • Adjustable Crisp White and Cool Blue LED lighting

    • Glass models have low-E, UV-coated glass

    • State-of-the-art digital control module

    • Refrigerator temperature of 33° to 42°F

    • Optional door locks and Industry-Exclusive drawer locks (factory installed)

    • Specifications
    • Refrigerated Volume: 2.8 cu. ft.
    • Drawer Open Clearance: 17 11/16"
    • Electrical: 115V/60Hz/2.3A
    • Plumbing: Not Required
    • Annual Energy Usage: 280 kWh/yr.

    • Dimensions and Weight
    • Overall Width: 14 7/8"
    • Overall Depth: 24"
    • Overall Height: 34 1/4"
    • Shipping Weight: 150 Lbs.

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