Lynx 30" Asado Freestanding Grill

by Lynx
Fuel Type
  • Lynx 30" Asado Freestanding Grill is the perfect complement to complete your outdoor kitchen. With a multi-layer grilling surface of aluminum sandwiched between two sheets of stainless steel for even heat distribution, the two ProSear2 infrared burners provide responsive temperature control over two independent cooking zones. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner entrees and side dishes are prepared to your individual tastes for a complete dining experience.

    • Material - Stainless Steel

    • Color - Stainless Steel

    • Burner BTUs - 46000

    • Burner Type - Trident Infrared Burner

    • Burner Count (not rotisserie) - 2

    • Rotisserie - n/a

    • Rotisserie BTU - n/a

    • Dimensions:
       Package Length: 39"
       Package Height: 47"
       Package Weight: 329"
       Package Width: 34"

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