Kamado Joe Pro Joe w/ Cart, Side Shelves, Heat Deflector & Tools w/ BJ-CBH

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Kamado Joe Grills are in limited stock due to COVID-19 delays in supply. Orders are expected to ship in 5-10 business days if not currently in stock.

  • Kamado Joe introduces the first of its kind professional series kamado grill, the Pro Joe. The Pro Joe is 24-inches in diameter and is constructed of a thick-walled, heat-resistant ceramic shell that helps to lock in smoke and moisture while grilling. The included Divide & Conquer cooking system is composed of a 3-tiered rack setup that holds up to four additional half moon grates and allows for a larger cooking area up to 864 sq. inches. It also allows varying height levels for different temperature ranges giving you the ability to grill whatever you want however you want.

    This generation of kamados now comes with a SloRoller hyperbolic insert, developed by researchers at Harvard, which provides even distribution of heat and smoke by promoting a rolling and recirculating flow inside the kamado. The hyperbolic insert is removable and can be placed on the heavy-duty galvanized steel cart under the kamado when not desired to be used. The Amp firebox is made of high-fire, heat-resistant ceramic plates that are capable of resisting damage and breakage from high heat and stress. Sitting atop of the firebox is the 304 stainless steel charcoal basket that allows for easy cleanup and conservation of unused charcoal by quickly sifting ash between the basket bars. Once the ash is sifted, the slide out 304 stainless steel ash drawer gives a means of effortless removal.

    At the top of the Pro Joe is the 304 stainless steel Kontrol Tower top vent that provides precision temperature control by controlling the air flow through the kamado and stays on its current setting even while opening and closing the lid. The Air Lift Hinge makes opening and closing the lid a breeze by reducing roughly 96 percent of the weight of the lid.

    The Pro Joe also comes equipped with powder coated aluminum side shelves, an analog thermometer, a 304 stainless steel latch, handle, and firebox ring, a wire mesh fiberglass gasket, grate gripper, 3 tiered cooking rack, 2 half moon cooking grids, and a SloRoller insert.

    • Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System allows you to cook food at multiple levels at different temperatures

    • Durable wire mesh fiberglass gasket offers a superior air-tight seal

    • Air lift hinge reduces dome weight, allowing you to lift the kamado lid with ease

    • 304 stainless steel Kontrol Tower top vent allows for consistent airflow & prevents rain from entering the grill

    • The SloRoller hyperbolic insert provides rolling and recirculating heat and smoke distribution

    • Fuel Type - Charcoal

    • Cut Out Width - 29"

    • Cut Out Depth - 29"

    • Configuration - Built-In

    • Cooking Grate Material - Stainless Steel

    • Cooking Grid Dimensions - 24 Inch Diameter

    • Main Grilling Area - 452 Sq. Inches

    • Total Grilling Area - 864 Sq. Inches

    • Burger Count - 21

    • Fire Grate Material - Cast Iron

    • OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Width 28.4", Depth 35.5", Height 43.7"

    • Weight 507 lbs

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