Kamado Joe 20-lb Lump Charcoal




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The World's Largest Big Block Premium Lump Charcoal

Working with Argentinian charcoal masters, we developed an exclusive blend of three hardwoods so legendary for their density they are called ' Axebreakers' by locals. This dense wood is then painstakingly roasted in traditional outdoor ovens to create the world's largest, finest lump charcoal.

Instead of an afterthought or inexpensive necessity, we know that charcoal is the very essence of a great outdoor cooking experience.

That's why we are so proud to partner with artisans who create all-natural charcoal that burns longer, cleaner and better.

Kamado Joe Big Block is made from an exclusive blend of Argentinian hardwood. These dense woods produce an incredibly large lump that burns longer producing better flavor and better smoke.

You can see it when you open every bag. You feel it when you pick up each oversized block. And of course you taste it cook after cook—even when cooking over our top-grade charcoal a second and third time. That’s the beauty of better charcoal.

  • 100% Natural Lump Charcoal
  • Lights quickly and easily
  • Burns hot and long
  • Give a robust wood-fire flavor

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