Kamado Joe Big Joe Red III On Cart

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Big Joe III grills are currently expected to ship in 30-45 days from purchase date due to supply chain delays. 

  • 24" Diameter/ 864 Sq. In. Cooking Surface/ 225 Degrees Fahrenheit - 750 Degrees Fahrenheit Heat Range/ High Fire Heat-Resistant Ceramics/ Powdercoated Galvanized Steel Cart/ Heat-Resistant Ceramic Coating Glaze/ Powdercoated Aluminium Shelves/ Air Lift Hinge/ Stainless Steel Grill Grates/ Stainless Steel Patented Ash Collector/ High-Fire Heat-Resistant Ceramics Firebox/ Wire Mesh Fiberglass Gasket/ Built-In Thermometer/ Red Finish


    Big Joe III Red Ceramic Grill

    Kontrol Tower Top Vent

    Divide & Conquer® Flexible Cooking System

    Stainless Steel Latch

    Patented Ash Collector

    Air Lift Hinge

    Charcoal Basket



    Patented Hyperbolic Insert

    • Kontrol Tower Top Vent - Our rust-proof, all-aluminum top vent maintains your exact air setting throughout dome opening and closing, and is fully weather-resistant and rain-proof

    • Divide & Conquer System - Our patented Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System is a revolutionary multi-level, half rack design that frees you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures all at the same time. You'll end up with a perfect, well-rounded meal without ever leaving the grill.

    • Different Heat Zones - Create different heat zones in the kamado with the half-moon heat deflector—an innovative design that partially blocks off heat to provide both indirect heat and open flame.

    • Expanded Cooking Space - Our multi-level design puts an end to batch-cooking and overcrowding. Tiered grates double your grilling space, making it easy to cook meats, vegetables or other sides.

    • System Parts - Designed to work however you need it to, our Flexible Cooking System Rack makes it easy to mix and match various grilling and cooking surfaces, while fine-tuning temperature with distance and heat deflection.

    • Stainless Steel Latch - The category-leading, ultra air-tight seal of our self-activating latch locks in heat and smoke for the perfect cook.

    • Patented Slide-Out Ash Drawer - While other kamado grills expect you to awkwardly sweep out ash that collects beneath the fire box, our Classic, Big Joe and Stand-Alone models integrate a first-of-its-kind drawer that takes the hassles and mess out of emptying your ash.

    • Air Lift Hinge - Other kamado grills allow the dome to fall or slam during lifting or closing, but our breakthrough hinge reduces dome weight by 96%—so you can lift it with a finger and stop it wherever you want.

    • Wire Mesh Fiberglass Gasket - Our all-new, double-thick gasket is engineered to handle extreme temperatures and maintain a superior air-tight seal, with industry-leading heat technology that gives it 10X the life of any other industry gasket.

    • Thermometer - Monitors the precise cooking temperatures needed for great-tasting, wood-fired food, every time! Fits all Kamado Joe Ceramic grills.

    • Amp Firebox - Breakage is eliminated with our new Advanced Multi-Panel FireBox, a six-piece, durable design that radiates and retains heat for hours and hours.

    • Height: 38"

    • Width: 28.5"

    • Depth: 35.8"

    • With Cart and Shelves: Height: 53.7" ,Width: 58.4", Depth: 35.8"

    • Unit: 487 lbs

    • Shipping: 500 lbs

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