Jealous Devil 8-lb Lump Charcoal

As much of an ingredient as it is fuel, impart a smooth, subtle smoky flavor onto your foods with Jealous Devil 100% all natural hardwood lump charcoal. Sustainably sourced from Paraguay using an incredibly dense hardwood from the South American tree called Quebracho Blanco, the hardwood is then hand-fired in brick kilns to achieve a high quality carbonization. The Quebracho Blanco tree is known to be one of the hardest woods on the planet, distinguishing the finished charcoal product from others in the world. This premium hardwood lump charcoal does not contain any fillers, chemicals, additives, or binders, for a pure, natural flavor that enhances the flavor profile and texture of your foods without an overwhelming smoke or fuel taste.

Producing a smooth, clean burn that burns twice as hot and three times as long as traditional charcoal briquettes, this lump charcoal is easy to light and can quickly reach a temperature of over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 15 minutes. Additionally, it reaches this level of high heat with no popping or sparking and produces minimal ash for reduced waste, clogging, and maintenance. Each 35 lb. bag contains consistently sized pieces, with no variations in moisture or density, and a very low percentage of chips and dust to give it its characteristic long, consistent burn and high performance heat. Ultimately, this allows you to reduce the amount of fuel needed by approximately 25-33% to eliminate costly energy losses and save you money!

This hardwood lump charcoal works well in your charcoal grills, smokers, and kamados. Use for your fast high heat cooking, such as reverse searing to achieve that perfect sizzling, crisp crust on the outside with a juicy medium-rare inside, as well as for low-and-slow cooking your briskets, pork chops, or chicken. It also works great for wood-firing pizzas to obtain the beautifully charred exterior with a fresh, chewy top that many consumers seek. Rest assured that this charcoal will give you longer burn times of up to 3 hours in open air conditions or up to 20 hours in smokers or low oxygen environments. With this Jealous Devil 100% all natural hardwood lump charcoal, grilling your meats and foods becomes an easy task.

With the motto "Pure as Heaven. Hotter than Hell", Jealous Devil prides itself on using only one natural ingredient in its hardwood lump charcoal to obtain its intense, high performance heat. Their kiln masters hand-pick, hand-cut, and carbonize pure South American hardwood onsite in their custom-built kilns to produce a premium, craft lump charcoal that is nothing short of excellent. Transparent in their sourcing methods, they source only from responsibly managed forests and ensure their production methods benefit the ecosystem. Trusted by chefs and pit masters around the world, transform your menu and take foods to the next level with Jealous Devil 100% all natural hardwood lump charcoal.

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