Infratech T-Bar Flush Mount Frame, Stainless Steel

SKU 18-2310


  • Presenting W20 T-Bar Flush Mount Frame by Infratech. Model 18 2310 is constructed of stainless steel and can handle all 39" Infratech patio heaters. It is compatible with W2024, W2524, W2024SS and W2524SS models. This useful unit is an investment worth making for your Infratech patio heater.

    • Infratech W20 T-Bar Flush Mount Frame 18 2310 Features:

    • Constructed of stainless steel

    • Fits all 39" Infratech Patio Heaters

    • Can be used with Infratech patio heaters: W2024, W2524, W2024SS and W2524SS.

    • Manufacturer: Infratech

    • Mfg Number: 18 2310

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