Infratech Dual Duplex Flush Wall Plate & Gang Box

SKU 14-4305


  • This dual 240 volt duplex control works with the three Infratech WD (Dual element) Series heaters: WD4024SS, WD5024SS, or WD6024SS (208 Volt versions included). The dual waterproof in-wall assembly is suited for outdoor areas. The duplex control works by allowing control of each element individually, thus resulting in either 50% Output or 100% output.

    • Duplex switch

    • Assembly for WD4024, WD5024 and WD6024 dual element heaters

    • Intended for exposed exterior locations

    • Stainless steel plate

    • Allows on/off and 50% power control

    • 50% Output or 100% output

    • Waterproof cover closes to conceal and protect controls from elements

    • No assembly required

    • 1 Year warranty.

    • Current(Amps): 20

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