Green Mountain Grills Grill Cover

SKU GMG-4012

We’ve built and tested our form-fitting grill cover to withstand the toughest weather conditions. Velcro® cinches secure the cover to the grill keeping it safe and dry. Protect your investment with a custom Green Mountain Grills cover designed to keep your grill happy. 

Which Cover fits your Green Mountain Grill?

GMG-4012: Fits Davy Crockett (DCWF)
GMG-3001: Fits Daniel Boone Models (DB, DBWF, DBWFSS, DB-12V)
GMG-3003: Fits Daniel Boone PRIME WIFI Models (DBWF-12V,                                    DBWFSS-12V Only)
GMG-3002: Fits Jim Bowie Models (JB, JBWF, JBWFSS, JB-12V)
GMG-3004: Fits Jim Bowie PRIME WIFI Models (JBWF-12V,                                          JBWFSS-12V Only)

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