Golden Blount 'Rumford' Log Set

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  • Rumford gas log sets are a brilliant combination of modern comfort and a classic design. Rumford fireplaces were popular due to their shallow design and wide angled covings that caused them to radiate heat better than the existing fireplace design. The Golden Blount Rumford gas log sets lets you recreate that look with a modern touch. Rumford gas logs are cast to be stood and propped vertically in the fireplace, the width can be adjusted by changing how the logs are stacked in the fireplace. Cast from refractory ceramic for greater bark and log detail, the Rumford logs are cast for quality and durability. Included with the Rumford gas log set is the Golden Blount Space Saving burner assembly with 3-in-1 valve. The 3-in-1 valve comes in a manual configuration but can be upgraded to basic on/off remote or variable flame remote capability with the optional AF-2000S or AF1005MVHL parts.

    • Rumford log sets are cast to be arranged vertically

    • Ceramic logs offer lasting durability and quality

    • Space Saving burner fits smaller, shallower fireboxes

    • Kit includes: gas log set and burner

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