Falksalt Wild Mushroom Sea Salt Flakes

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Wild Mushroom Sea Salt Flakes

Experience the vibrant taste and aroma of Falksalt Wild Mushroom Crystal Flakes. Delicately accent your steak, roasted vegetables, or baked potato with a sprinkle of Wild Mushroom. Dust Wild Mushroom over creamed mashed potatoes for subtle undertones of porcini mushrooms. 

Falksalt Crystal Flakes are flake salt made from pure Mediterranean sea water. The delicate harvesting process keeps them looking gorgeous and they are soft enough to crush and flake over a finished dish. Before the salt becomes flakes, it will be cleaned with a unique method. We have added seasoning to many of our varieties to heighten the experience. 

There are many advantages to using Falksalt Crystal Flakes sea salt. The crunchy structure of the salt adds to the experience. Less salt is used, but more taste is delivered. This means that the overall usage of salt is being reduced. The salt will not be hidden inside the dish - rather it will be a more active ingredient. This holds especially true for our very popular, flavoured salts.

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