Evo Circular Roasting & Baking Racks

by Evo
SKU 12-0117-AC


  • The 12-0117-AC Circular Roasting & Baking Racks, Set of 2 Sizes by Evo provide a unique accessory for the Evo grill. The stainless steel construction ensures a durable product while the grates are designed to raise food off the cooking surface to allow traditional roasting on the Evo. The set of (2) offers a small and large rack to allow roasting right on the Evo grill for added versatility.

    • Heavy Duty Construction - Commercial style steamers feature stainless steel construction with a cool touch handle

    • Roasting - Unique grates offer a simple solution to allow roasting on the Evo grill

    • Set of (2) - Includes a small, medium, and large steamer cover for versatility

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