DCS Beer Tap Solid Surface

by DCS
  • The WR24R Wrapper for Refrigerators and Beer Keg Dispensers by DCS offers flexibility in finishing your outdoor kitchen. This wrapper is designed exclusively for use with DCS' outdoor refrigerator and Kegerator units to provide a complete island surface structure. This wrapper unit is for the structure to surround the refrigeration unit only and designed for use with your own custom counter top or a choose to add the prefabbed solid surface for a complete unit.

    • Heavy Duty Construction - High quality stainless steel construction designed for long lasting durability

    • Wrapper Unit - Complete wrapper unit designed for use with the DCS outdoor refrigerator or beer dispenser to create a modular island unit

    • Structure Only - Includes only the freestanding wrapper for use with your own custom countertop or you can choose to add the solid surface option

    • Solid Surface - Choose to add the optional Corian Solid Surface for a complete unit

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