DCS Grill Surface Griddle Plate

by DCS

The BGC-GP Grill Griddle Plate by DCS provides a high quality grill accessory to enhance your outdoor BBQ experience. The commercial quality 304 stainless steel ensures a high quality and durable product for long lasting use and withstanding the high heat of the grill. The flat griddle plate provides a level cooking surface designed to replace one of the cooking grates in a DCS grill and is the perfect grill accessory to cook pancakes, bacon and much more right on your grill. 



  • Heavy Duty Construction - Complete 304 stainless steel construction designed for long term use and withstanding the harsh outdoors
  • Griddle Plate - Even cooking surface allows you to cook pancakes, bacon, and much more right on the grill
  • For Use With - Designed to replace one section of grill grates in a DCS outdoor grill

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