Big Green Egg Half-Moon Raised Grid w/ Drip Pan (XXLarge/2XL, XLarge/XL)

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  • Maximize the cooking surface of the Small Big Green Egg with the Half Moon Raised Grid for Small Big Green Egg grill. This raised grid with attached drip pan allows you to cook food directly on the grill grid and above it at the same time. Some foods cook best when cooked with indirect heat and elevating those foods, away from the intensity of the flame, is the best way to achieve this. Or, use the Big Green Egg Half Moon Raised Grid with a plate setter and cook one food directly on the plate setter and another food on the raised grid. Grids are sturdy black-coated steel and drip pans have a non-stick surface for easy clean up. Big Green Egg also carries replacement drip pans for all grids.

    • The Half Moon Raised Grids with Drip Pan give you the flexibility to cook direct on one half of the EGG and indirect on the other half. The 2XLarge, XLarge and Large sizes can be paired with a Half Moon Baking Stone

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