American Fire Glass Flame Guard-Linear

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Size: Linear 30" x 6"
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What is Flame Guard?

Experience the power of a controlled flame with our American Fire Glass Flame Guard-Round. This fire pit shield is designed with tempered glass panels, aluminum fire-resistant brackets and anti-slip rubber pads, ensuring a safe and secure fit. Additionally, each fire guard is crafted to be a few inches larger than its corresponding fire pit pan or burner for an extra margin of safety. Enjoy your fire pit in any windy condition.

However, this does not mean that our Flame Guards cannot be used with any random fire pit. While shaped for our fire pit burners in general, they can fit and look stylish on just about any fire pit you wish. While the round-shaped burners come in two different sizes and are eight inches tall, all other shapes have five size options and are six inches tall. However, regardless of shape or size, all flame guards are made from 3/16” of an inch thick tempered glass.


1) Lay down a soft cloth or towel and inspect all parts for any shipping damage as well as for inventory purposes
2) Depending on the size of the Flame Guard, you may have additional brackets. – split panel design for larger models
3) Start by selecting a glass panel and a top and bottom corner bracket. The bottom bracket will feature a rubber foot
4) Slide the bracket onto the glass panel. The bottom of the bracket should be flush with the bottom of the glass panel. The rubber feet should come down approximately ½” from the bottom of the glass panels
5) Carefully tighten bracket screw until glass panel is secure. Do NOT over-tighten
6) Insert the glass panel into bracket channel and align top of bracket with the top of the glass panel so that they are flush with each other. Secure bracket screw carefully
7) Repeat the process with the remaining corners
8) Be sure to use the correct size Flame Guard for your fire appliance to ensure proper operation and flame appearance