Alfresco Condiment Tray

  • This Alfresco Condiment Tray is designed for use with the Alfresco Versa Sink System (model AGBC-30). Tray is equipped with 4 compartments that are perfect for holding lemons, olives, and more! The individual compartments can be removed for easy cleaning. It is constructed of commercial-grade stainless steel and can mount on its own post, on the leg of a serving tray, or a pot rack. The tray can rotate and swivel for your convenience. Customize your Versa Sink System to suit your entertaining needs!

    • Easily attaches to its own post, a leg of the serving tray or pot rack

    • Made to be used with the 30-inch apron sink system

    • Made to be used with the 30-inch sink system (AGBC-30)

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