A-MAZE-N 6" Smoker Tube, Pre-Filled

  • GET FIRED UP about Wood Smoke Flavor! Add a delicious smoke flavor to any food you crave – meats, cheeses, veggies, and nuts. The A-MAZE-N smoker turns ANY grill into a BBQ Smoker. Can be used in charcoal, propane, and electric grills, or added to any smoker for additional smoke flavor. Can be used for both cold smoking and hot smoking. Continues to produce heavy, clean blue smoke at temperatures 225+ degrees where many smokers fail. Easy to use – just light it, set it, and forget it. Be ready to smoke in 10 minutes or less – no soaking chips! Uses wood BBQ pellets. A-MAZE-N Wood BBQ Pellets are 100% flavor wood – no fillers, binders, artificial flavorings or oils. Made in the USA. Small, lightweight, and portable. The perfect camping, tailgating, or space saving solution to smoking. Does not contain an open flame – great for rental properties! Durable and easy to clean – Made from durable stainless steel and carries a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. No need to clean but is dishwasher-safe.

    • A-MAZE-N 6” Pellet Tube Smoker turns ANY GRILL into a BBQ Smoker!

    • Smokes like a train for up to 2 hours – Great for both hot and cold smoking your favorite foods!

    • Easy to use – be ready to smoke in 10 min. Lightweight & portable. Made from stainless steel.

    • Tube Smoker is prefilled with 100% Apple Wood BBQ Pellets

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