Memphis 20-lb Nature's Way Pecan Pellets

by Memphis
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Hardwood pellets are an eco-friendly solution to healthier grilling! Roasting, smoking and baking are covered with Natures Way 100 percent pure hardwood BBQ pellets. Natures Way BBQ pellets are specifically formulated to enhance the performance of your pellet grill. A compact, hassle-free size results in a consistent feed, improving temperature accuracy for professional cooking results. These pellets are also more cost-effective than propane, burning at a rate of only 2 lbs per hour on high heat, 1 lb per hour on medium heat and only 1/2 lb per hour when smoking. A 20 lb bag will give you 10 hours of heat on high versus 8. 8 hours of heat with a 20 lb propane tank. These grilling pellets feature a distinct oak flavor for a mild, wood-fire accent that makes them ideal for pork, ham, wild game and more! 

  • Sweet nutty flavor of the pecan for real Southern BBQ flavor.
  • Money-saving pellet fuel accents every meal with gourmet results

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