Lynx Valve 2 Position

by Lynx
SKU 31442

Lynx Grill Replacement Main Burner Valve for Premier series and some Professional. Does NOT come with Orifice.

Series 0, 1, E, F, G

Fits : L27, L27FR, L27R, L30, L30APSFR, L30F, L30FR, L30PSFR, L30R, L30PSR, L36FR, L36R, L4, L42FR, L42PSFR, L42PSR, L42R, L54, L5430, L5430FR2B, L54FR, L54PSFR, L54PSR, L54R, L54SBFR, L54SBR, LB36F, LBQ27, LBQ27E, LBQ27E, LBQ27F, LBQ27FE, LBQ27FR, LBQ27FRE, LBQ27R, LBQ27RE, LBQ36, LBQ36F, LBQ36FR, LBQ36FRE, LBQ36R, LBQ36RE, LBQ36RN, LBQ48, LBQ48CF, LBQ48F, LBQ48FR, LBQ48FR2B, LBQ48FRE, LBQ48R, LBQ48R2B, LBQ48RE, LBQCB2

LP Orifice Part 30328 - #53L 

NG Orifice #41L

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